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Teletherapy (Telepractice) is a means of providing therapy through a live video connection, over the internet.

The same treatment as would be provided in person is provided through a computer. At Central Oregon Speech & Language, our clinicians use activities and games on our teletherapy platform to engage children while targeting each child's individual speech and language therapy goals. We use teletherapy for clients who prefer to receive speech and language services in their home and when the clinician and family feel it is an appropriate service delivery method for the child. Teletherapy sessions are also provided when a child cannot attend their regularly scheduled office session due to a transportation barrier.

Telepractice was approved by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) as an appropriate method of service delivery in 2005. ASHA's position is that “telepractice is an appropriate model of service delivery for the professions of speech-language pathology [and audiology]” (ASHA, Speech-Language Pathologists Providing Clinical Services via Telepractice: Position Statement [Position Statement], 2005). 

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